Synergent Processes 100 Million Automated OpCon Jobs

Synergent recently ran its 100 millionth automated job using SMA’s OpCon software. The milestone is momentous. It underscores Synergent’s distinguished success serving the core processing needs of 69 credit unions that use the Symitar Episys system in Synergent’s Data Center.

October 18, 2016

Synergent first partnered with SMA to implement OpCon in September of 2005. Nearly five years later, in 2010, it reached 10 million jobs processed. Only six years later, it has reached the 100 million mark, and now processes around 1.6 million jobs each month. That growth is the result of Synergent adding new credit union clients and keeping pace with increasing technological demands, implementing automation when possible to increase efficiency and accuracy. Specifically, Episys vaulting, check processing automation, hourly card ordering, and advanced reporting have added hundreds of daily automation jobs to Synergent’s workload, not only for Synergent’s Technology Services division, but for its Payment and Direct Marketing Services divisions and its nearly 100 third-party relationships. Most recently, significant automation was configured in support of same-day ACH processing requirements for all credit unions on September 23rd.

“OpCon is critical to the success of our overall operational delivery of products and services to the credit unions we serve,” said Tim Gilman, Synergent assistant vice president of operations. “The ability to deliver on all expectations, no matter the hour or the day of the year is a tremendous benefit to Synergent’s ability to grow our service offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of the credit union community, as well as take advantage of new technologies.”

Synergent credits part of its growth to OpCon’s ability to bring processing efficiency to the conversion process for new clients, particularly in goodnight processing, he said. “Since we started automating conversion goodnights, we have found that once we go live we have significantly fewer failures due to the level of testing OpCon provides,” Gilman said. “Manual doesn’t give that.” And, OpCon’s ability to deliver files to credit unions after hours has been especially beneficial, Gilman said. Some files are so large, if they were delivered during business hours, they would saturate the credit union’s bandwidth, creating connectivity issues.

Automation is the answer to increased regulatory scrutiny of technology and dwindling member tolerance for errors, he said. OpCon’s ability to provide a history of how and when something ran outside of Episys greatly benefits troubleshooting, too. “OpCon quickly became the superglue that bound our complex multitenant processing environment together,” Gilman said.

“Synergent’s tremendous success highlights the impact that automation can make,” said SMA Solutions president Kathy Hooker Burress. “Even if each job had eliminated only one second of manual processing, Synergent would have saved more than three years’ worth of manpower.”

About Synergent

As a service provider owned by credit unions, and serving only credit unions, Synergent has provided comprehensive solutions to its credit union partners for more than 40 years. A subsidiary of the Maine Credit Union League, Synergent provides credit unions with Technology Services, offering the Episys Core Processing Platform by Symitar. Synergent also provides credit unions with Shared Branching, Statement Processing, Debit/ATM Card Services, Check Processing and Support Services, and Direct Marketing Services, dedicated to helping credit unions develop deeper member relationships through targeted marketing with Episys data mining. For more information on Synergent, visit, or call 1-800-341-0180.

About SMA Solutions

SMA Solutions, a privately held company based in Kingwood, Tex., provides transformative software tools that allow organizations in all industries to significantly increase productivity, efficiency and accuracy. Its flagship product, OpCon, is the most robust IT automation solution available in the marketplace. Ascern provides unprecedented access to real-time data, enhancing both the quality of information and the speed with which decisions can be made. Additional information is available at