It is frustrating and inefficient to manually update the same address information across multiple accounts held by one member. Providing efficient, friendly service is a win-win for staff and members alike. We understand – and we have a solution. Get ready: You will be able to update all of a member’s accounts in one easy step! As part of “The Synergent Difference,” we are pleased to provide this time-saving enhancement FREE of charge to our credit union partners!

Out With the Old, In With the New

The standard Address Change form that Synergent’s Episys users were accessing was outdated in appearance and function, and did not allow for cross-account file maintenance. There was no space to add additional information to a form (such as preferred contact method), and the form had to be launched multiple times to change the same information on each account.

“We’ve had many requests over the years by multiple credit unions to expand the Address Change form to be based on the member’s Social Security Number, so addresses across the database could all be changed at the same time,” stated Ben Jordan, Synergent’s Senior Vice President of Information Technology. “Outside of the challenge of updating fields such as address, phone, and email to various accounts, we also had to determine how to archive forms indicating if a member wished to change their address on all impacted accounts. Additionally, we had to provide the credit union the ability to verify addresses via USPS.”

Benefits Abound

The benefits credit unions will gain from this enhancement include:

  • Increased Efficiency: Less time will be spent updating account information, with the ability to make account changes as one batch instead of individually. Physical, mailing, and alternate addresses can be changed in one spot, as well as phone numbers, emails, preferred method of contact, and other ID information.
  • Improved Accuracy: More “good” addresses will be housed in Episys. Fewer errors will be made in using the SSN as the search criterion.
  • Better Member Communications: The right members will receive the right message, at the right time—at the right address. Credit unions can opt to update the correspondence date in the account record and set internal warning codes.
  • Seamless Integration: Incorporate JHA Address Verify or USPS Address Verification.
  • Modern Appearance: Clean, fresh interface that is easy to use.

Beta Testing Complete – Dirigo FCU

Dirigo Federal Credit Union, headquartered in Lewiston, Maine, recently completed beta testing of the new Address Change feature.

“It is very easy to use and very efficient,” shared Amy Fox, HR Manager for Dirigo FCU. “Most credit unions have members that have multiple membership accounts with them. This has always caused a problem when it comes to performing file maintenance because each account had to be updated individually. This is a very time-consuming process and often accounts get missed. The best part of the new address change process is that it performs file maintenance based on Social Security Number! With this new form, employees will see all accounts that a member is on and be able to change the member’s info on all accounts in one step. This will be a huge time saver for the employees and cut down on frustrating errors for the members.”

FREE to Synergent Users

Part of “The Synergent Difference” means we act on feedback collectively shared by the credit unions we partner with, including 67 credit unions on our Symitar® Episys® core. Our teams worked together to identify the problem, strategize a solution, develop the programming, and deliver it to all of our users.

“This enhancement will be made available to all Synergent credit unions who use Episys for core processing free of charge,” explained Hudson. “The release will be done for all credit unions simultaneously.”

What’s Next

Please watch your email in the coming months for more information about this release. For questions in the interim, contact your Account Relationship Manager, or email