Did you know there are two types of Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)? Different members have different needs.

Not all solutions are one-size-fits-all and Remote Deposit Capture is no exception. Business RDC allows businesses to safely and efficiently deposit checks using a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or a combination of these devices. Mobile RDC enables non-business members to use their smartphones to deposit checks on-the-go.

Business Remote Deposit Capture

A busy property manager has 100 checks to deposit and uses a desktop with a check scanner to complete RDC. A small business owner quickly uses a smartphone to deposit 10 checks with their mobile device.

While the scenarios can vary, Business RDC provides a seamless experience across all devices for businesses of all sizes. Users can make deposits and view transaction histories quickly from any device: mobile, desktop, or a combination of the two.

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

Members are on-the-go and want quick, touchless options for transactions, including depositing paper checks. Mobile RDC gets the job done securely while driving mobile banking adoption.

There are many benefits to Mobile RDC for both the credit union and members alike. They include:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Minimized compliance exposure
  • Increased back office efficiencies
  • Faster funds availability
  • Real-Time Posting

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If you have any questions about Remote Deposit Capture, please contact your Account Relationship Manager, or email ARM@synergentcorp.com.