The payments landscape is always changing, but check processing is still a major part of day-to-day operations for financial institutions. This comes with challenges, including often having to rely on multiple platforms for check processing, needing excessive time and clicks to process, and suffering related fraud loss.

Protecting members from fraud has to be a top priority for credit unions. As the industry becomes more and more sophisticated, so must our tools to provide top-tier security designed to prevent fraud. Relying on multiple digital banking platforms creates the potential for fraud loss due to the significant amount of staff time required to work share draft accounts. Imagine being able to store and review check images on one software platform, one that also includes fraud monitoring software.

With Synergent Check Fraud Assist, Synergent and Verafin have partnered to develop a process that leverages Verafin’s fraud detection capabilities and enables your check images to be visible, retrievable, and reportable.

View Check Images and Aggregate Data

View your check images directly in the Verafin application. Quickly display and review check images right from a member’s transactions.  Because images are housed in Verafin, your staff gains the ability to aggregate data and automate it to serve multiple vendors while reducing fraud.

No Reliance on Multiple Platforms

Having your check images in Verafin helps streamline your fraud investigations, as everything is centralized on one platform. Your investigators will save time and effort with Verafin integration.

Collaboration Opportunities

See at a glance who a check is going to or coming from, enabling you to easily reach out to the other financial institution for more information, if needed.

Improved Analytics

Richer check data enables you to not only build new analytics for check fraud, account fraud, and deposit fraud, but also improve your existing analytics, which ultimately assists you in detecting and preventing more fraud. As the use of new check technologies—such as Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)—increases, so does the exploitation of these technologies. By getting richer check data, Synergent Check Fraud Assist helps you combat fraud and uncover other ways that criminals are exploiting checks.

How It Works

Through this innovative solution, an X9 file is extracted daily, containing all check processing images for all clients who partner with Synergent for Electronic Check Capture (ECC) services. Once this file has been created, Synergent then packages the file for automated nightly delivery to Verafin.

User Review: Evergreen Credit Union

Evergreen Credit Union, headquartered in Portland, ME, participated in the beta launch of Check Fraud Assist.

“The value that this brings to the Verafin product is fantastic,” stated Michael Dorey, VP of Audit & Deposit Operations at Evergreen Credit Union. “Having a one-stop shop for me to review my alerts that involves checks has already been a time saver. On top of that, knowing that deposited items are also being mapped within Verafin to the member’s account is huge. I had no idea that this was going to be possible, so it was a welcomed surprise.”

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