Corporate Billing Specialist

This position works in conjunction with the Team Leader – Corporate Billing to manage billing data, systems, and processes for Synergent, the Maine Credit Union League, Take a Chance, Maine Credit Union’s Campaigns for Ending Hunger, and the Maine Credit Union League’s Condominium & Associates. The incumbent is both accountable and responsible for Enterprise billing functions for all billing-related processes outside of the accounts receivable sub-ledger and general ledger.

Essential Functions:

  • In coordination with the Team Leader – Corporate Billing, gather billing data, verify its accuracy, and organize the data to be processed into the accounts receivable sub-ledger and general ledger for billing.
  • In coordination with the Team Leader – Corporate Billing, maintain consistent billing mediums, including gathering and organizing billing data to be efficiently and accurately integrated into the accounts receivable sub-ledger and general ledger. In coordination with the Accounting Systems Administrator, evaluate the applications used for billing mediums for best practices with accountability of the accounting systems.
  • Compile billing information. Gather billing data from all sources, including but not limited to CRM systems, product applications, meters, databases, communications, vendor invoices, websites, and reports. Ensure the accuracy and completeness of the data gathered. Evaluate sources of data and how information can most efficiently be organized and integrated into the general ledger.
  • Manage contracts and pricing, which includes ensuring that all credit union pricing schedules are accurately reflected in billing mediums as to existing contracts and agreements. Ensure that there are appropriate processes and controls to update pricing schedules for changes resulting from contract renewals and adding new customers.
  • Complete billing documentation as it relates to Corporate Billing, including ensuring that an audit trail of all information gathered for billing is maintained as to provide assurances to both credit unions and auditors of the accuracy and completeness of our billing. Work with the Senior Financial Analyst to maintain a system and schedule to regularly audit this information.
  • Responsible for directing, obtaining the approval of, documenting, and confirming the accuracy of all billing credits before they are processed by the Accounting team.

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