Leverage Your Credit Union’s Transactional Data to Reach the Right Members!

Establishing how to best serve members through the strategic use of data, technology, and marketing can seem daunting. Data mining uncovers actionable opportunities within credit union membership, beginning with data analysis and ending with meaningful reporting.

“Credit unions already possess a massive amount of member data in their core,” shares Data Mining Specialist Jennifer Braziel. “Data mining allows credit unions to service their members with exactly what they need at exactly the right time.”

Data is a powerful tool to leverage in assisting members and driving earnings growth. Having member information at your fingertips and the ability to utilize information in meaningful ways is valuable to both credit unions and members.

Synergent can help. As a CUSO, Synergent serves as an extension of your staff, allowing you to better serve your members and community. Synergent can develop a plan to help your credit union utilize and leverage member data more efficiently. So, how do you get started?

Schedule a Personal Data Mining Success Webinar

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