My Synergent is a tool designed to make your job easier. We carefully listen to the feedback that you provide and, based on that feedback, have made numerous case management updates to make My Synergent an even more effective tool for you and your team.

“We want to hear what’s working and what isn’t so we can improve the process,” shared Pat Mileski, Product Analyst for Synergent. “Credit unions are encouraged to share their experience and candid feedback so we can make this great platform even better.”

In a recent round of updates, the following case management features have been enhanced:

Case Subject Line Now Included on Email Notifications

Through recent credit union feedback, we heard the concern that when a new file was added to a case, it was unclear what the case was since the subject was not stated anywhere. With this valuable feedback, the Salesforce team was able to collaborate and put into place a solution that added a subject line in email notifications for all My Synergent users.

Add Case Comments While Viewing Existing Comments

A new popup window to add a new case comment while displaying existing case comments on the same page has been added. This convenience allows for the user to review past comments while composing a new comment.


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