Synergy Web Client has joined Synergy User Client. It is live and accessible through a web browser, requiring no software installation to access it!

As this launches, we wanted to be sure to share these new layouts and options that are available in order to both familiarize you and to save time in the updated environment.

Quick Access and Quick Saves

As implied by the naming conventions, Quick Access and Quick Saves are areas meant to save time and create easy accessibility.

Quick Access

The Quick Access area allows you to drag, add, remove or reorder the tiles on your home screen. By clicking the icon, you can remove the menu names so only the icons display if you wish.


The tiles that appear in your environment will show the actions that are available to you as a user based on your access. A sample tile arrangement may appear as follows:


This section allows you to search for favorited items, such as Quick Saves.

Quick Saves

This section provides access to all available Quick Saves, which are saved searches performed from Find Reports or Search. Quick Saves are a more efficient way to perform repeatable searches that occur on some regular frequency.

  • To Run a Quick Save, highlight it and click Run.
  • To Open a Quick Save to review what it is searching for, highlight it and click Open.
  • To make a Quick Save a Favorite, highlight it and click the solid star. This will also make this available on your Home Screen.


Questions as you’re getting started? Please contact Customer Service at