It’s a busy day at your branch. A member comes to you with what sounds like a simple request: I’ve moved and need to update my address on my accounts. You then realize that the member has multiple accounts at your institution, which means opening each individual account and manually making the address updates over and over.

It is frustrating and inefficient to manually update the same address information across multiple accounts held by one member. Providing efficient, friendly service is a win-win for staff and members alike. We understand—and we have a solution. All of a member’s accounts now can be updated at one time using XAccount Change.


Synergent heard your feedback loud and clear. XAccount Change is a feature we developed within our hosted Symitar® Episys® core processing platform that enables credit unions to update all member information across multiple accounts from one screen.


Cross-account file maintenance can be completed through one clean, fresh interface that is easy to use. Fields that can be updated through XAccount Change include:

  • Addresses (Physical, Mailing, and/or Alternate)
  • Phone Numbers
  • Emails
  • Preferred Method of Contact
  • ID Information

Using the member’s Social Security Number to search improves accuracy and increases efficiency by quickly identifying all accounts associated with the member. Making account changes on one screen that flows to all affected accounts saves significant time for both staff and members.

Addresses can also be verified through full integration with USPS Address Verification or JHA Address Verify.

When an account change is completed, the file-maintenance summary captures the before-and-after field values for each account affected and archives to Synergy, along with the member signature.


  • Increased Efficiency: Less time spent updating account information, with the ability to make changes across all accounts simultaneously instead of individually.
  • Comprehensive Editing: Physical, mailing, and alternate addresses can be changed in one spot, as well as phone numbers, emails, preferred method of contact, and other ID information.
  • Summary Archival: Before-and-after file maintenance captured and archived to Synergy along with the member signature.
  • Improved Accuracy: More “good” addresses housed in Episys. Fewer omissions are made when the SSN is used as the search criterion.
  • Better Member Communications: The right members receive the right message at the right time—at the right address.
  • Seamless Integration: USPS Address Verification or JHA Address Verify integration (for those credit unions who have purchased this add-on product) further ensures correct contact information.
  • Modern Appearance: Clean, fresh interface that is easy to use.


That’s right. As part of The Synergent Advantage, we are pleased to provide this time-saving solution FREE of charge to our credit union partners, at their request.

Download the product sheet to learn more. To implement XAccount Change at your credit union, please contact your Account Relationship Manager, or email