Whether it’s the voice on the phone, the presenter of a webinar, or the name at the end of the email that you recognize, we want to introduce you to the members of our Payment Services team that you regularly work with.

Meet Heather Rainsford, Product Implementation Analyst for Payment Services. In this Q&A, she provides insight into her role at Synergent and how she helps credits unions each day.

How long have you worked for Synergent? For the credit union industry?

It will be five years in June. This was my first job in the credit union industry, however I had worked at PowerPay [now part of EVO Payments International] for three years before coming here. PowerPay exposed me to the card industry.

Your title is “Product Implementation Analyst,” but can you describe what you do day-to-day in your role at Synergent?

I work to implement any new card related product that the credit union is interested in or required enhancements with their current set up. Once the product has been implemented, I provide support for 30 days. For ATMs and instant issue, I provide continued support.

Can you describe a project you are particularly proud of working on that helped a credit union achieve efficiencies or otherwise improved their processes?

I have been working a lot with instant issue and have not only worked on the implementation of this product, but also the development and enhancements for the solution.

How do you help credit unions solve problems? When problem solving I like to listen to what is going on and be able to ask lots of questions.

Once I have a full scope of what the problem is, I work to suggest a solution that will best fit their needs.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Problem solving!

If you could tell credit unions one thing that they may not know about Synergent/Payment Services, what would it be?

We are all awesome!