Offering the right services when, or before, members expect them is a top way for credit unions to stand out to their members. In the retail space, members are getting used to being asked if they prefer their receipt via email, print, or both – why shouldn’t they expect this same offering at their credit unions? 

Members want to track their records and receipts, and they want to be able to customize how they receive and file them. Whether they choose eReceipts as their default, or to be asked by the teller each
time, the member preference is retained within Episys. The proof is in the programming!

Benefits for Credit Unions

  • Exhibits innovative, modern practices
  • Provides the ability to collect and instantly test member emails
  • Offers marketing opportunities via the receipt message
  • Lowers paper and ink costs by reducing the amount of printed receipts
  • Lowers postage costs by replacing traditional mail with email

We Can Help!

The eReceipt functionality is fully controlled within Episys. Do you want to get started on implementing eReceipts at your credit union? Contact your Account Relationship Manager today for more information!