Delivering members checks quickly and securely requires intelligent signature technology tightly integrated to the Episys core. Some credit unions opt to install the WyChecks hardware service to maintain on their own. Other credit unions feel this can be costly, requiring the credit union to budget, purchase, patch, maintain and secure hardware onsite. There is now another solution: accessing hosted WyChecks through the Synergent Data Center.

Why WyChecks?

Wycom WyChecks is the ideal solution for credit unions. Powered for the highest-volume environments, it’s a simple and secure way to disburse checks from a single location on your network. Whether you use pre-printed stock and wish to automate signing or choose to use secure blank check stock and print full MICR checks on demand, WyChecks offers the right solution:

  • Turn printers into secure check signers and/or add ability to print using secure blank check stock
  • Experience increased security and fraud protection
  • Centralized control of all check printing and signing

Since WyChecks is software-independent and pre-programmed by Wycom, there’s no downtime to get started and no time spent learning applications. It can be connected to your network, then your staff assigns login access to authorized users and you’re ready to go. Have access to unlimited check printers as you grow!

Why WyChecks at Synergent?

Another option is to have Synergent host this product for you. Synergent’s hosting service includes performing all release processing, and assuming disaster recovery responsibilities. Eliminated is the worry and expense of purchasing hardware, applying software patches, installing releases, and preparing disaster recovery plans – all of that is on us!

Learn More

Refer to the Wycom WyChecks product sheet for details! Please contact your Account Relationship Manager, or email, if you are interested in implementing this new product.