A Turnkey Business Intelligence Solution for Credit Unions

In today’s financial world, access to integrated, disparate data is critical to making informed business decisions. We all have access to daunting volumes of information, more than any person could process—but not more than any software can process.

The ideal solution is a hosted, web-enabled, secure platform that provides meaningful data insights.

“We talked with our customers about their goals, and strategic data usage came up nearly every time,” stated Todd Mason, President/CEO of Synergent. “By building an intuitive and convenient offering complete with NCUA data, we deliver on that need. We removed the hard work of implementing servers, running file extracts, executing transfers, and mapping in Symitar’s Episys data. In doing so, we created a web-enabled secure platform that makes the process of aggregating and analyzing large volumes of data possible for credit union decision-makers. We are excited to release this subscription-based solution to our credit unions.”

Key Features

  • An initial 30 months of Episys®  core data—a number that will grow over time
  • Statistical loan and deposit data in visualized format
  • Integrated NCUA data comparisons
  • Dashboard identification of market trends and financial standing
  • Turnkey, “board-ready” reports out of the box
  • System maintenance is entirely Synergent’s responsibility, with no support required from credit unions

How It Works

Synergent BI brings together disparate data, analytics, business intelligence, reporting, and aggregation for credit union decision-makers. Turnkey reports are available immediately upon implementation, and credit unions also may choose to create customized reports to fit their unique needs.

Different credit unions have different needs. Keeping this in mind, there are three subscription levels of Synergent BI available for credit unions to choose from: Essentials, Premium, and Premium+. The monthly fee for each tier varies based on the member size of each credit union customer.

Where We’ve Been

Synergent BI was developed by our expert Product Development team. Over the course of the past year, their focus has been on bringing credit unions a product designed to use their data efficiently, effectively, and to make more informed business decisions. Their work is based on input received from our credit union partners and our commitment to invest in the success of our customers.

Alpha and beta testing was completed using different credit unions that varied in member and asset size. The team learned a lot during this process. Enhancement requests made by credit unions in the alpha and beta test groups were very helpful as the product was developed.

Credit unions who participated in the alpha and beta testing provided feedback.

“I love the way it’s presented and the interface is easy to use. I foresee it being used,” shared one credit union.

“The pie charts are easy to understand and the drill-down features work well.” stated another credit union.

What’s Next

Synergent BI currently is only available to credit unions who are on the Symitar Episys core hosted by Synergent. However, work is underway to expand access to this tool.

Input received from credit unions is driving upcoming releases. Features such as the ability for credit unions to write their own reports and to complete CSV and data downloads are in the works.

Learn More

For additional information about implementing Synergent BI at your credit union, please complete this form, or contact Fred Barber, Account Executive.