Statement Processing with a Twist: Enhanced Statements

Enhanced Statements - 2 graphic

Today, credit unions can use target marketing to tailor messaging to members like never before through the monthly statements they are already sending! With parameters set by the credit union, promotional messaging can be customized and further segmented to selected target audiences.  Each month is an opportunity for credit unions to inform members of the benefits available to them without adding a separate mailing!

“Enhanced Statements provide another opportunity to educate members about services that your credit union has to offer,” shared Steve Nelson, Assistant Vice President of Project Management. “With Enhanced Statements the credit union has the opportunity to target specific groups of membership with a specific offer.  For example, the credit union can single out a group who may be good candidates for auto loans, but then tell the other members about the great rates on certificates.”

“One could think of Enhanced Statements as a hybrid between regular statements and a marketing campaign,” continued Doug MacDonald, Vice President of Marketing. “We can target members with all the same precision as a data-driven campaign, inside their statements, with up to three separate images and/or messaging. Synergent assists by providing data extracts, determining target groups and creating the message and imagery you want to get out to your members on their monthly statements. Enhanced statements are an advancement we are very pleased to provide to our credit union partners.”

Traditional statement processing and the latest technology now integrate to take targeted marketing to a new level. Enhanced Statements do not replace traditional statements – they simply provide another tool for credit unions to communicate with their members through monthly statements – whether print or electronic. Credit unions also may opt to leverage Episys Core member data to further improve communications and drive revenue growth by tailoring marketing campaigns to multiple targeted members within the same statement cycle. Whether credit unions decide to take advantage of this option once a year, quarterly, or each month – it’s completely flexible.