Providing members added convenience and exceeding their expectations should always be top goals. Business members are always looking for ways to streamline efficiencies. Merchant Capture checks all the boxes, giving business members the gift of time. They are able to quickly capture and send check deposit information electronically using their onsite check scanners, saving them a trip to the branch!

“It’s all about providing convenience to members,” stated Rebekah Higgins, Product Owner – Payments for Synergent. “Merchant Capture allows for the remote deposit of checks using standard office tools. Members who use this product are pleasantly surprised at how easy the system is to use and are able to save trips to the branch.”

With Merchant Capture, businesses can use check scanners to read data, capture images, and transfer that information to your credit union through a secure transmission. That file is then sent to Synergent for processing. For the purposes of settlement, your business members’ batches are easily identified as a merchant branch of your credit union.


  • Interfaces with Canon and Unisys scanning devices
  • Performs inline Courtesy Amount Read (CAR) and Legal Amount Read (LAR)
  • Performs inline Intelligent Repair Image System (IRIS) on all rejects
  • Works with high-speed scanners


  • Increases credit union’s business marketing reach beyond physical branch location
  • Improved funds availability for the member
  • Improved productivity for the business member’s staff
  • Reduces errors and improves efficiency
  • Quickly and accurately process high volumes of checks

Merchant Capture offers another way your credit union can benefit from our staff’s experience with the most advanced check processing technology. Synergent not only processes the electronic files, but makes sure credit unions have the latest in hardware and software. Our technology is paired with day-to-day personalized support, as our team of operational, research and implementation specialists brings solutions to your credit union’s needs.


With Merchant Capture, users logon securely and remotely at a location convenient to them. A small scanner does the work of capturing the images and data from the deposit documents. Submitted items are sent to Synergent, then Synergent requests approval from the credit union before forwarding to the Federal Reserve.


Want to learn more about implementing Merchant Capture at your credit union? Contact your Account Relationship Manager today, or email