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Sending digital messages sounds simple, but credit unions do not always have access to a streamlined tool to send electronic notices to their members, prospects, dealers, select employer groups, and vendors. Postal notices have slower delivery times than eNotices and credit unions can’t send one-time eNotices to members and staff.

For credit unions that want to ensure they can easily and cost-effectively communicate with multiple constituents, Multichannel Notifications allow for the creation and archiving of custom templates through an easy-to-use web-based interface. Partnering with Synergent provides credit unions access to this fully hosted solution that works with Jack Henry™ Symitar® core data, as well as other data sources.

“Credit unions need the ability to communicate quickly with not only members, but also vendors, employee groups, and others,” said Karen Martin, Assistant Vice President of Product Management at Synergent. “Being able to access a simple webpage to send email, texts, PDFs, or other files saves credit unions time and helps them get messages out quickly. With reporting and archiving, it is a complete solution for quick communications.”

How It Works

As a hosted solution offered by Synergent, Multichannel Notifications provides credit unions with the ability to easily and quickly create both standard and customized messages. Credit unions can opt to configure notices globally or for each member account for each notice type. Opt to send notices via email, SMS text messages, PDF, or as output files to other systems.

Key Benefits

Convenient, Easy-to-Use Messaging Capabilities

Credit unions will be able to connect with a variety of audiences through email, SMS text messages, PDF, or output files to other systems.

Clear Reporting

Dashboards and reports succinctly summarize successful and failed transmissions.

Messaging Archive

Credit union staff can view sent notices directly within a member’s Symitar account record.

Multiple Uses for a Variety of Audiences

Beyond communicating with members, this tool can be used to send electronic notices to prospects, dealers, select employer groups, and vendors.

Uniform Branding

Achieve a uniform look and feel across all notices sent, including but not limited to logos, fonts, colors, and formatting.

Learn More

Multichannel Notifications will be available in the coming months. For additional information about implementing Multichannel Notifications at your credit union, please contact your dedicated Account Relationship Manager, or email