As part of Synergent’s commitment to credit unions, we always are seeking to improve and streamline processes to provide the best customer service and experience in the industry. We have started the process of phasing out CUTRAC and replacing it with a brand new support portal, My Synergent.

“We listen very carefully to the feedback that we receive from our credit union customers,” stated Scott Johnsen, Senior Vice President of Operations. “We heard loud and clear that there was a need to streamline how to open a support case and the ability to track it. In response, we have developed an easy-to-use platform that will eventually replace CUTRAC altogether.”

What Is My Synergent?

My Synergent is a new support portal for Synergent credit union users designed to be an easy, one-stop shop for support. As always, our Customer Service and ARM teams remain a phone call away, but as an additional way to communicate with us, My Synergent has many key benefits:

  • Ease of use
  • Less time to create a support case
  • More easily track progress on your open support cases
  • Ability to categorize and prioritize level of urgency of your request via dropdown menus
  • Cases in billing will be able to be filtered out so you can see only your open cases

In addition to being a support portal, My Synergent also will include a knowledge base containing the entire library of Synergent training manuals and job aids.

When Is My Synergent Going Live?

Many credit unions already are using My Synergent! We started beta testing on May 1. My Synergent is well-vetted and has received positive reviews from the credit unions using the new platform.

At this time, credit unions are being added in waves. Eventually, all credit unions will be using the new My Synergent support platform. However, until you are notified that your credit union is being transitioned, continue to use CUTRAC. We are contacting credit unions to make measured transitions to the new system.

Learn More:

Once notified that your credit union is transitioning from CUTRAC to My Synergent, it is mandatory that at least one person from your credit union registers for a webinar to learn how it works. Live webinars will be offered to each wave being transitioned and a recorded session is available.

Questions? Please contact Customer Service at 833-887-8721, or email