Synergent always wants to provide credit union staff with the best possible support. With all cases now being submitted through My Synergent, we want to ensure you are getting what you need promptly while receiving exemplary service.

Closed case surveys began rolling out on January 4. When a case is closed, the credit union contact may receive an email asking for feedback about their support experience.

“Implementing Salesforce provided credit unions with a more modern, streamlined channel to directly enter support cases via the My Synergent portal,” explained Michelle McLean, Synergent Salesforce Administrator. “Providing credit unions exemplary service is our goal and always is at the top of our minds. Asking for feedback helps us help credit unions and helps us continue to improve upon our service delivery.”

At the conclusion of a case, if you receive a closed case survey, we encourage you to candidly provide us with your feedback. The survey is brief and only contains two questions. Should you wish to provide additional insight or further discuss your experience, please contact your Account Relationship Manager or email