There are benefits in not going it alone and in being part of a cooperative industry. Shared solutions are shared success. Because Synergent works with so many credit unions, we can identify common trends. Sometimes, these trends indicate that there is a problem in need of a solution. This was the case in developing the new Interactive Chargeback Card Claim Form.

The Solution: Interactive Chargeback Card Claim Form

Synergent developed a single, uniform, integrated solution. Built directly within the Symitar Episys core processing platform, the new intuitive interface allows credit unions to easily and accurately complete the form required to submit card transaction chargeback requests. This form can also be used for credit cards whose tracking records are in Episys.

“We are so pleased to provide this solution free of charge to Synergent Episys clients,” shared Karen Martin, Payments Product Owner for Synergent. “It’s a game-changer in simplifying what was, in some cases, a manual process. The Interactive Chargeback Card Claim Form saves time, increases claim accuracy, and eliminates form maintenance for credit unions.”

Key Features

With Synergent maintaining and deploying the Interactive Chargeback Card Claim Form, partner credit unions are now uniform in the form they are using and no longer need to take the time to make form updates. The new interface helps credit unions complete the form correctly by walking the user through the required information, allowing them to simply point and click on the fraudulent or disputed transaction from ATM Dialogue and/or manually entering an older transaction, not currently available in the drop-down list. This form also provides the ability to allow manual entry of a transaction should it be needed.

Other key product benefits include:

  • Attractive, easy-to-use interface that eliminates confusion
  • Click-to-select transaction detail input
  • Dynamic interface prompts the user for the correct information
  • Single solution for credit unions requiring no upkeep by the credit union
  • Accuracy for the claim information
  • Ease of archival of claim documentation
  • Ability for credit unions to receive timely procedural messages from Synergent through the Interactive Chargeback Card Claim Form

Learn More

To learn more about this new, complimentary tool, please download the job aid or watch the pre-recorded webinar. Questions? Please contact Synergent Customer Service.