CMOs Need to Measure and Analyze the Data

The CMO is faced with a constant challenge to prove the value of their marketing efforts. The channels we use continue to grow, the technology continues to innovate and the consumer expects more personalization and customization of offers than ever before. To be successful, CMOs must collect, segment, analyze and visualize the data to be… Read more »

The Power of ACH Data Brings in New Loans

Through a targeted campaign developed by Synergent, a $142.5 million-asset credit union grew loan volume by leveraging automatic clearing house (ACH) transaction data to identify and approach members who were making loan payments to other financial institutions. “ACH targeting opens a significant new door for credit unions – another tool and data source to identify members… Read more »

Direct Mail: Perfect Formula with Personalization

In the world of credit union marketing, it may often seem like there are more ways to connect with members than you ever thought possible. It’s easy to get lost in some of the technicalities of all of the ways to connect with members, putting options such as direct mail aside, labelling it as unoriginal… Read more »

Connecting Technology to Top of Wallet

What’s Trending Consumers will increasingly select their financial institution on the basis of its mobile service capabilities. The powerful Apple brand, tokenization, and concern about security data breaches are driving high interest in mobile payments; financial institutions are jockeying to get their cards in the early phases of the competition. 100 financial institutions are currently… Read more »

Solutions for Communicating New Chip Card Tech to your Members

EMV, or Chip Cards, has a very important date looming: October 2015. This is when the EMV liability shift will take place. Julie Conroy, Retail Banking & Payments research director at Aite Group, expects that nearly 70% of cards to be chip-enabled by the end of 2015. This means that the big issue won’t be… Read more »

Transitioning to EMV Means Securing Your Payment Data

Credit unions are gearing up for EMV (Eurocard, Mastercard, Visa) with almost six months left before the so-called liability shift sets in. From this point forward, both merchants and issuers, including credit unions, alike will be liable for fraud incurred if they have not yet adopted EMV/chip card technology. Providing members with a chip-enabled card… Read more »

Help Your Members “Get the Message”

Getting the message out to your members is important to growing your credit union, but it’s only part of the challenge – the other part? Having your credit union message seen. Your messaging must go beyond a catchy tagline. Research from the Social Science Research Network states that 65% of people are visual learners; this… Read more »

Resolute: Great Service, Great Relationships

Great service is what builds great relationships, and the Synergent staff takes a great deal of pride in both.  With the New Year, time has been taken to reflect on some of our top-of-mind resolutions. This year, and every year, we will strive to provide great products and service, while building strong relationships and developing… Read more »

2015 Financial Fitness Starts at CUs

With the ringing in of the New Year, we are also heralding the beginning of tax season. Remind your members that IRS Direct Deposit is a fast and convenient way to get their tax return. Stay ahead of the season and prepare your IRS Direct Deposit Member Notices today! To deliver a truly effective message… Read more »

Financial Management Tools Bring Gift of Convenience

This holiday season, it has never been more necessary to have the best online banking solution – especially with the online channel growing in use and importance. Synergent offers the Jwaala next generation online banking solution, Better Online Banking. Jwaala Better Online Banking is much more than “just” online banking. Offering integrated financial management tools,… Read more »