Paid in Full

Synergent’s NEW partnership with EVO Payments International expands POS solutions available to member businesses.


“Integration” is a term often used by Synergent to describe how our many services and solutions seamlessly work together to benefit credit unions and their members. Small-business members now will have the opportunity to work with both Synergent’s expert staff that they have built relationships with for years, along with Synergent’s newest partner, EVO Payments International.

EVO is one of the largest fully-integrated payment processors in the world, operating as a service provider for all major cards and electronic bank transfers. Their operations span 50 markets and 130 currencies around the world. EVO recently acquired the Portland, ME-based PowerPay, which was a prior partner of Synergent for merchant payment solutions.

“To continue our merchant payment offering with EVO’s expertise will position credit unions that have members with growing businesses,” stated Rebekah Higgins, Synergent’s Vice President of Payment Services. “EVO’s suite of merchant products will help credit union members manage their business transactions, along with offering secure, scalable, and cost-effective processing solutions.”

EVO provides custom solutions, as well as their Move Mobile POS solution. This flexible option allows small businesses to easily manage their sales records and accept payments through a smartphone or tablet device.

“We support and enhance the value of providers like Synergent with processing solutions, world-class merchant services and integrated payment technology. EVO resources combined with competitive pricing and exceptional customer support enable our partners to cultivate more business opportunities for a healthier bottom line,” said Ted Kennedy, EVO Payments International.

Credit unions interested in learning more about merchant solutions should contact Katy Ford at or at (800) 341-0180, or can visit the webpage created by EVO Payments International and Synergent.