Project Manager

This position follows the Senior Project Coordinator position in growth within the Project Management department. The incumbent works independently, or as part of a team, to plan and manage some of the more complex projects and programs within the company.  At times, the incumbent may need to coordinate the efforts of other project managers to complete the more complex projects or programs.  Additionally, the incumbent may function as a project lead on a sub-project within a program.  Given the individual’s knowledge and experience, he or she is expected to be a mentor to others within the Enterprise and to help others to improve their skills.

Essential Functions:

  • Work with the team to complete the project as planned. Maintain the project plan and lists of action items, risks, and issues. Work with the team to develop mitigation strategies for each risk identified, and to resolve issues as they arise. Ensure status is reported to project sponsors and stakeholders on a regular basis.
  • Document the goals and objectives of each project in coordination with the project sponsor. Facilitate planning sessions to capture requirements and acceptance criteria for projects. Create plans to include iterative planning typical of rolling-wave planning.
  • Perform research on the latest trends in project management that will feed into established Standards for Project Management. Read books, watch webinars, and attend conferences (virtual as well as in-person) to stay current regarding the latest developments for Project Management Offices.
  • Provide assistance to others within the Enterprise to gain a better understanding of project management, whether serving as a mentor for another project manager or project coordinator or answering questions of individuals outside of the department.
  • Upon completion of phases or entire projects, capture lessons learned and incorporate them into a report that will be archived with the project documents in accordance with established Project Archiving Standards. Ensure any tasks that will be accomplished outside of a project scope have incident tickets created.
  • Using industry knowledge gained, provide input into ways to improve standards within the department, whether as a topic discussion during team meetings, or a formal process to review and update standards.

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter including salary requirements to We look forward to hearing from you!