Cyber Fraud Warning

When it comes to preventing card fraud, you want to use every tool in the toolbox. Waiting for alerts from payment networks about compromised cards and data breaches could result in costly delays and negative member service. Cyber Fraud Warning helps identify fraud to protect members. Be an early identifier of compromised cards Proactively reduce… Read more »

Contactless Cards

Contactless Cards allow members to conduct POS transactions by simply waving their card over the enabled reader, without needing to swipe or insert the card. Contactless Payment Capability Latest wireless technology Faster transaction time Increased security Top-of-wallet benefits

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets allow members to make purchases using their smartphone, smartwatch, or other connected device without needing to use a physical card. Stay top-of-wallet by offering mobile wallet capability Meet increasing member demand for mobile wallet offerings Provide a touchless payments solution

One-Time Passcode

In an environment where fraudsters have increasing access to stolen personal information, call center fraud attacks are on the rise. One-Time Passcode (OTP), a component of Call Center Step-Up Authentication, is a service designed to fight call center fraud. Sending a five-digit OneTime Passcode via text or email can help prevent call center fraud. Save… Read more »

Enhanced Email Marketing

Marketing Services has been helping credit unions target messages with opt-in email and e-newsletter marketing programs for decades. We start by listening to your goals, then build a custom program to reach members. The enhanced service includes ideas on how to collect email addresses, add branding to e-marketing and track responses.

Onboarding Strategies

Onboarding is an effective and systematic way of reaching out to new members. The process occurs within a 3–4 month period after a new member joins a credit union. Using a combination of phone calls, direct mail, and curated web experiences with email, landing pages and social media, points of contact are used to welcome… Read more »

2020 CUNA Diamond Awards

If you’re lucky enough to be part of the credit union industry, you’ve already won. You’re helping members access the tools and resources that empower them to live their best financial lives. You’re making a difference in your community. You embody the People Helping People philosophy that is the cornerstone of the credit union movement…. Read more »

Interactive Digital Publication

An interactive digital publication incorporates animation, transitions, sound, even video into your digital document. It essentially brings your content to life through responsive HTML that is a hybrid between a traditional, static document and a webpage. Interactive Digital Publications are viewable on any device—smartphone, tablet, and desktop— optimizing content on each. An interactive digital publication… Read more »

Synergent Solutions

Synergent’s mission is to help credit unions succeed, and improve the financial lives of their members. We are a FinTech-focused service bureau that provides access to state-of-the-art core processing solutions, technology, payments, and marketing services. Our organization delivers the unique operational solutions that each credit union needs to succeed.  Synergent helps credit unions succeed by… Read more »

Synergent Fact Sheet

To remain competitive, credit unions today need to offer their members the latest in banking technology while maintaining operational efficiencies. They need partners they can rely on for powerful and stable solutions. And they need an exceptional level of service. As a managed services provider for credit unions in 18 states, Synergent’s unique strength is… Read more »