Access Softek

Access Softek Digital Banking provides an integrated, intuitive omnichannel solution across all devices. Unified experience across platforms Simple transfers and payments Easy password solutions Data visualization Quick installation In-app marketing methods

ATM Implementation Sheet

Synergent’s mission is to help credit unions succeed and improve the financial lives of their members. As a managed services provider, our unique strength is the ability to strategically integrate services to develop a customized suite of product offerings, delivered through a single source. Credit unions partner with Synergent for services that include hosted Symitar®… Read more »


MyCardCreation is a personalized debit card tool available via an easy-to-use online platform that enables credit unions to provide members with customized, personal designs on their debit card. Increase usage & activation Provide personalized service & choices Differentiate your card offering Add value for members Make your card top-of-wallet

Wycom WyChecks

Wycom WyChecks is the ideal solution for credit unions. Powered for the highest-volume environments, it’s a simple and secure way to disburse checks from a single location on your network. Whether you use pre-printed stock and wish to automate signing or choose to use secure blank check stock and print full MICR checks on demand,… Read more »

Verafin Check Fraud Assist

Let’s face it. Fraud can come from any number of financial transaction types. Reducing the impact of fraud can be time-consuming, which is why you chose Verafin and its powerful fraud detection capabilities. It’s also why Synergent recently teamed up with Verafin to develop a process that enables your check images to be visible within… Read more »

Cyber Fraud Warning

When it comes to preventing card fraud, you want to use every tool in the toolbox. Waiting for alerts from payment networks about compromised cards and data breaches could result in costly delays and negative member service. Cyber Fraud Warning helps identify fraud to protect members. Be an early identifier of compromised cards Proactively reduce… Read more »

Contactless Cards

Contactless Cards allow members to conduct POS transactions by simply waving their card over the enabled reader, without needing to swipe or insert the card. Contactless Payment Capability Latest wireless technology Faster transaction time Increased security Top-of-wallet benefits

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets allow members to make purchases using their smartphone, smartwatch, or other connected device without needing to use a physical card. Stay top-of-wallet by offering mobile wallet capability Meet increasing member demand for mobile wallet offerings Provide a touchless payments solution

Authorization Life

Billions of dollars are lost each year through false card declines. For members who experience false declines, the nuisance creates a negative experience. In fact, 20% of cardholders will stop using a card once it is falsely declined.* Authorization Lift leverages data-driven technology to balance card approvals with risk management. Reduce false card declines while… Read more »