Member Fee Manager

Users of the Jack Henry™ Symitar® core know that they are using the most flexible platform in the industry. When it comes to managing the entire process of reviewing and reversing fees, the Member Fee Manager provides your MSRs with valuable insight into fees the member has incurred in the past so that decisions on… Read more »

Merrimack Valley Infographic – Not a Vendor, a Partner

Merrimack Valley Credit Union conducts its business in a very competitive market just outside of Boston, MA. Having all of the latest products and services that their members are looking for is crucial to the success of their credit union. Partnering with Synergent has helped them achieve and exceed their goals, from accessing Jack Henry™… Read more »

HRCU – Value of Partnership Infographic

In June 2013, HRCU went live with Jack Henry™ Symitar® core processing through their partnership with Synergent. Having had some time to see the benefits of converting, along with the integrated solutions and unparalleled service they are receiving, hear what employees are saying throughout HRCU.


How can you stand out to your members? By offering just the right services when (or before) they expect them! eReceipts are something that members have become accustomed to in the retail environment – why shouldn’t they expect this from your credit union? Whether they opt to always receive an eReceipt, or an eReceipt along… Read more »

Custom Symitar Programming

Is your staff maxed out? Does your credit union have a backlog of projects that need clearing? Do you need more help writing and integrating code for the latest third-party product? Would you like to develop core data reports that can guide your credit union decision making? If you answered “yes” to any of these… Read more »

Connect Corporate Brochure

Synergent is a FinTech-focused service bureau that provides state-of-the-art core processing and ancillary services that best serve credit unions and their members. Competing on relationship and delivering the unique resources that each credit union needs to succeed, Synergent provides access to not only the Jack Henry™ Symitar® core platform, but also payments, technology, and marketing… Read more »

Member Asset Verification with Accuity

Manual processes can take hours of staff time and should be automated whenever possible to allow focus on other key functions. In order to provide required member account balance data for Social Security and Medicare, credit unions receive information from Accuity on behalf of the federal government. Currently, this process requires manual work that can… Read more »

Mississippi FCU Credit Card Case Study

Increasing product usage and meeting members’ needs are top priorities for a credit union. Mississippi FCU wanted to encourage select members to transfer an existing credit card balance to their credit union. With the help of Synergent Marketing Services, they dug into their data and discovered the most optimal members to entice with low rates,… Read more »


Great digital experiences drive cardholder activity. Putting the power to do more instantly in the hands of members increases card usage. With digital wallet spend projected to grow by 83% by 2025, this is a trend that is here to stay. Gain top-of-wallet and first app status with CardHub.