Synergent’s card risk solutions offer credit unions tools that reduce fraud exposure by combining detection software with risk management supervision.

Debit, credit and prepaid cards are the payment methods of choice for U.S. consumers. But rising card fraud committed by thieves gaining direct access to deposit and credit accounts can lead to significant losses. While EMV adoption will significantly reduce the potential for fraud during card-present transactions, it will not impact card-not-present fraud. What can your credit union do to fight back?

Our comprehensive suite of risk solutions, ordered through our partnership with Fiserv, has your credit union covered! With varying levels of service, your credit union will receive assistance in proactively monitoring fraud and risk issues and tools to protect, detect, and respond to your credit union’s card fraud risk exposure.

You may already be using Risk Office, the card investigative and consultative service that helps manage the impact of fraud on your credit union. We are pleased to share with you Risk Advisor and Risk Advantage, one of the newest products that add additional levels of support to Risk Office.

Risk Advisor & Risk Advantage

Risk Advisor and Risk Advantage are two new, innovative products designed to enhance the capabilities that are included with Risk Office. These tools reduce fraud exposure by combining fraud detection software with personalized risk management supervision at a service level tailored to meet your credit union’s unique needs.

Risk Advisor includes services such as:

  • Transactions routing 100% to real-time, Automated Risk Exemptions (ARES)
  • An assigned risk analyst for consulting and recommendations
  • A rule-authoring service
  • A premium fraud rule package
  • Analysis of tagged fraud transactions
  • Customizable cardholder notification actions
  • Monthly risk portfolio reports

Risk Advantage is the highest level of service offered, adding on significant collaboration between Fiserv’s analysts and your credit union’s team of risk professionals. All features of Risk Advisor are included, along with added capabilities provided through the RuleManager rule authoring tool, where your credit union can create its own Enfact Special Rules and custom Hotlists for your special VIP members!

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Ideal for the debit card coordinators in charge of your credit union’s fraud tools, a recent webinar is available for review.

Interested in adding these services at your credit union? Please contact Katy Ford, Account Relationship Manager for Payment Services.