With the increase in access to stolen personal information, call center fraud attacks are on the rise. To prevent fraudsters from gaining access to members’ accounts, it is important to maximize the use of every resource available. Step Up Authentication is one of those tools currently provided to Synergent users of Fiserv’s Contact Center.

What Is Step Up Authentication?

Step Up Authentication is designed to fight call center fraud. This simple tool sends a five-digit passcode via SMS text or email to a mobile device listed in the Card Management application of CWSi, which can then be used for quick and convenient verification during the call without relying on knowledge-based questions. Analysis indicates this extra validation step has succeeded in reducing fraud conducted or amplified through call center services

Call Center Step-Up Authentication can be attempted for the following call types:

  • Contact Call Center travel exceptions
  • Contact Call Center transaction overrides
  • Contact Call Center limit increases
  • Tokenization – Yellow Path
  • Manual card activations
  • EnFact inbound calls where the caller cannot provide a case number

The credit union will be able to send a one-time random generated passcode within CWSi, when you are attempting to authenticate to your member. Callers who cannot verify the one-time passcode number will be referred to the credit union. Those that do not have a mobile phone number or email address on record will be assisted if they pass the standard knowledge-based authentication methods.

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Interested in using this service or have questions? Please contact your Account Relationship Manager, email ARM@synergentcorp.com, or submit a case in My Synergent.