Maine credit union members greatly benefit from SURF, our statewide surcharge-free ATM network. Its existence is a prime example of how Maine credit unions work together to benefit consumers throughout the state. Members always can find the nearest SURF ATM by visiting, but there may be some things you didn’t realize about the benefits of the SURF network.

Did you know?

  • The SURF network saved Maine credit union members approximately $4,581,206 in surcharge fees in 2019, based on an average surcharge amount of $2.75. That’s an average of $300 per year, per member!
  • Fees collected for the SURF network are contributed to the Statewide Awareness Marketing Campaign. This promotes SURF, as well as the many other benefits that credit unions provide to their members.
  • SURF is the largest surcharge-free ATM network in the State of Maine. Collectively, our SURF ATM network is larger than that of any other bank network!

The SURF ATM network is local. By participating in the SURF network, you benefit members, but you also strengthen the credit union network by keeping dollars within our state.