Conduct member transactions anytime, anywhere.

Imagine stepping away from your deskeven away from the branch—and still providing the exceptional in-person services your members have come to expect. Whether it’s having an unexpected line form in your lobby or not being able to connect members with services you’re informing them of while out in the community, there are times when having the ability to pull additional staff in would help provide the best member service.

The ideal solution is a tool that enables any staff member, without specialized training, to conduct real-time member transactions ranging from account inquiries to deposits to membership and loan applications.

Synergent Tablet takes many of the functions accessed at a traditional terminal and securely places the same access on a streamlined, portable tablet that connects directly to your core data. The clean, intuitive interface allows staff of all levels to jump in to assist members when needed most. It also allows you the flexibility to hand the tablet to a member or applicant to quickly enter their information.


  • Heading to a college fair? Open accounts instantly from your booth.
  • Sudden rush at your credit union? Have additional staff work through the line using Tablet.
  • Participating in a community event? Service member needs instantly.
  • Want to make a house call? Meet members where they are to complete loan applications.

The ways Synergent Tablet can be used are virtually endless. No matter how you choose to use Synergent Tablet, it is designed with your members in mind. Save precious time while focusing on relationship building by serving your members in or out of the branch.


Data accessed on Synergent Tablet is completely secure. Staff must complete multi-step authentication at login, and if the tablet is inactive for a brief period of time, it will automatically log out your staff member. Data is not stored locally on Tablet, so there is no sensitive member data that can be accessed outside of the app. Using GPS location, credit unions also can control when and where Synergent Tablet can be used and can lock it down entirely in the event of loss or theft.


  • Capture membership and loan applications
  • Schedule and perform transfers
  • Search and filter transaction history
  • Deposit checks, place holds, and disburse funds
  • Real-time account view and access via direct connection to Episys
  • Intuitive, modern interface that requires only minimal training
  • Dashboard view of all accounts a member holds


Synergent Tablet is currently available to Synergent core processing clients. For additional information on implementing Synergent Tablet at your credit union, please contact Fred Barber, Account Executive.