Todd Mason

We just wrapped up our third Synergent Connect User Conference. I came away from it with an even stronger sense of pride in my team and appreciation for what they do. The event was a true testament to their deep commitment to serving you. As I type this article, I’m seeing the survey results from the conference coming in, and it looks like participants really appreciate their work too. For reasons that will become immediately self-evident, one of my favorite comments from the surveys received so far is:

“Synergent has done an excellent job of communicating with credit unions in spite of the current climate. COVID has not hindered their ability to be front and center with updates whether technological or COVID related…they’ve been forthcoming with difficult issues and have provided solutions for those of us who are member facing each day.”

The conference presentation that best illustrates the quote above was the one focused on the three internal task forces we put together when COVID hit:

  • Loans
  • Shares
  • Cards

These task forces were put together to coordinate and respond to the rapid influx of issues that came in at the same time—and are still flowing in. We’re averaging about 4,600 new My Synergent cases each month. The issues range from loan deferments to stimulus deposits to card limits to remote services, and, unfortunately, fraud. These issues are too big, too new, and too complex for any single person to handle. They require a team and a cross-functional one at that. Staff recognized this need, rallied, and formed the task forces with resources across the company.

We also know you took similar actions to be there for your members. Not in the ways you or they may have planned at the beginning of 2020, but you provided, and continue to offer them, the products and services they need to help improve their financial lives. To that point, conference attendees walked away with a good sense of what is available from Synergent now and what is coming next to help them continue meeting members’ evolving needs.

Thanks again to my staff and to all of you that joined us at the third Synergent Connect User Conference. I’m already looking forward to next year’s event.