Automation Engineer

This position follows the Senior Automation Engineer position in growth within the Information Systems – OPS department. The incumbent is responsible for supporting all requirements of production processing, including batch job setup, automation setup, and Unix scripting necessary to deliver core and third-party application output. The incumbent is required to be on call 24×7 for any issues related to these responsibilities.

Essential Functions:

  • Work closely with the Production Control Administrator to deliver operational workflow in support of all credit union online and batch processing requirements. Understand and be able to perform all aspects of job automation tools used to efficiently and accurately process production and test batch reporting.
  • Work closely with the Production Team in support of all Unix software/firmware upgrades and automation software releases within the data center. Work closely with our vendors to ensure that the changes effectively support the production environment.
  • Research production problems, job failures, and processing inefficiencies, recommending and implementing changes, and modifications to improve operations. Analyze daily processing logs, batch output reports, server diagnostics, and scheduling automation software alerts in an effort to recover all production processing failures in a timely manner.
  • Provide direct support to production automation requirements through the development and maintenance of Unix scripting to increase efficiencies within the automation product and any other Unix-based applications. Work closely with vendors to develop new processes.
  • Serve as a backup to the Production Control Administrator during scheduled or unscheduled absences. Maintain the required knowledge to support front-line needs of the Production Control Administrator position.
  • Support the testing and training of all operational production challenges. Facilitate test environment setup, configuration, batch job, and automation scheduling definitions to ensure readiness for new credit union conversions to online processing, year-end changes, laser statement additions/modifications, software releases, and hardware additions. Exercise tests and provide operator training to meet requirements.
  • Support the installations of the core software releases, which might require on-site after-hours support as directed by the Vice President – Information Systems or Team Leader – OPS.
  • At the direction of the Team Leader – OPS, serve as a project liaison to help ensure that assigned projects are completed as required.
  • Responsible for applying security patches to all Ops servers to obtain a secure environment.
  • Respond to and address after-hours emergency trouble calls relating to the production environment with appropriate action within two hours of notification.

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