2015 Financial Fitness Starts at CUs

With the ringing in of the New Year, we are also heralding the beginning of tax season. Remind your members that IRS Direct Deposit is a fast and convenient way to get their tax return. Stay ahead of the season and prepare your IRS Direct Deposit Member Notices today!

To deliver a truly effective message to your members, it helps to know what your members may be thinking about doing with that tax refund. Here are some smart ways members may want to spend their refund, from Money Crashers:

  • Start or increase an emergency fund
  • Pay off high interest debt
  • Start itemized savings accounts
  • Refinance their mortgage or make home improvements
  • Give to charitable causes
  • Get that business up and running

With the vision of how your members may choose to spend their refund in mind, Synergent’s Direct Marketing Services has conveniently prepared six tax themes for you to choose from, with messages that will resonate with your members – all fun, effective and creative ways to share how you can simplify tax season by inviting members to direct deposit their tax return. There are several formats available for your IRS Direct Deposit Member Notices:

  • Postcards
  • HTML emails
  • Monitor graphics
  • Web banners
  • Statement inserts

These options can be personalized or completely customized to fit your members and your brand! To take the first step to making your credit union top-of-mind this tax season, contact Direct Marketing Services at

Katy Ford
Marketing & Communications Assistant