4 Ways Your Members Could Use Their Summer Skip-A-Pay Savings

Summer is finally here! Your members are ready to tackle projects and make memories. One of the benefits of credit union membership is Skip-A-Pay and summer is a great time for a promotional period.

While daydreaming of ways to use a windfall can be fun for members, inspiring them with some concrete suggestions on how they could use their Skip-A-Pay savings can be achieved through data-driven targeted marketing campaigns. Match eye-catching graphics with offers that resonate:

  1. Tell Stress to Take a Hike

Self-care is more important than ever. Whether it is taking a hiking trip, participating in a gardening class, signing up for a yoga retreat, or simply saving money for a rainy day, whatever it is that helps your members reduce stress, freeing up funds through Skip-A-Pay can help.

  1. Add More Flavor To Their Budget

From helping with paying for groceries to indulging in special summer treats like ice cream or dinners out, helping members envision ways to use their Skip-A-Pay money is a win-win.

  1. Make a Splash With Extra Cash

Lake life. Ocean breezes. Pool parties. Summer dreams are made of these. Whether it is setting up a pool in the backyard, visiting the water park down the street, or taking the trip of a lifetime to the shore, skipping a summer payment can help make it happen.

  1. Paddle Past Your Payment

While time in a kayak may be one way members benefit from their skip-a-pay funds, sending a message to use the extra funds to get caught up on other payments also is valuable and advantageous to members.

Get Started

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