5 Reasons to Offer Summer Skip-A-Pay

When you think of Skip-A-Pay, does summer come to mind as the right time for this offer? We hope “yes!” is the answer you have! While members have many motivations for wanting to take advantage of a Skip-A-Pay promotion, below are our top five reasons your credit union may wish to offer summer Skip-A-Pay to your members this year:

  1. Vacations

Summer is historically a popular time to hit the road, have an adventure, and make memories. Especially after a year where travel was significantly limited, members are eager to take trips for leisure and to catch up with relatives. By skipping a payment on an eligible loan, members can use the freed-up cash for things like transportation, admission fees, and accommodations.

  1. School Break

The impact of summer break cannot be understated. Parents may find they have increased childcare expenses while educators are off for the summer. Many members can benefit from skipping a payment while schools are out for the summer.

  1. Monthly Bills

Yes, your credit union loan is a bill. But by opting to skip a payment, members may be able to focus on other higher interest bills they wish to pay down.

  1. Pandemic Assistance

With restrictions lifting, it may feel like the pandemic is over. Unfortunately, the financial impact may be felt by many members for quite some time to come. Offering Skip-A-Pay can provide relief as members get back on their feet.

  1. Reward Loyal Members

Your members are why your credit union is here. Offering Skip-A-Pay is a value-add to their membership and is an excellent way to thank them for their loyalty.

Get Started

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