A Newsworthy Resolution

As you wrap up 2013 and look to the coming year, there is one marketing opportunity that should not be overlooked – your newsletter!  Newsletters can do much more than accompany your quarterly statements. A successful newsletter can be a direct link to your members. Newsletters help members stay connected and engaged with your credit union, keeping them informed of your latest offerings, and creating loyalty that leads to life-long membership. 

Perhaps the most important goal of your newsletter is to encourage member interaction and engagement. If your entire newsletter can serve as a call to action for various niches in your membership, it can serve to help not only educate your members, but to guide them to the products and services you offer that help improve their financial lifestyles. The more members see your credit union as their go-to source for financial advice and assistance, the more likely they are to use you for a lifetime and to share that with their friends and family.

While the most popular way to get information to members is by including newsletters in quarterly statements and e-Statements, there are other options—including email, which is growing in popularity—to consider when determining how to reach your membership.

Communications to Consider:

Statements and e-Statements

  • Cost effective—you’re sending statements anyway so there is no additional postage cost.
  • Guarantees it reaches every member.


  • Can be mailed at your convenience any time of the year.
  • Guarantees it gets in front of those that might not open their statements.


  • Can be sent at your convenience.
  • Cost-efficient because of the savings in time, printing and mailing costs.
  • Offers trackable results on opens, clicks and readership.
  • Provides a higher response rate because it is being sent to a more receptive audience who have opted-in to email communications.


  • Can be published on your schedule.
  • Cost-efficient because of the savings in time, printing and mailing costs.
  • Offers huge benefits for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

our new whitepaper, Best Practices for Enhanced Newsletters, to learn more about Synergent’s newsletter offerings, as well as best practices!