A Timely Invitation: Webinars Help Credit Unions Plan for More ROI in 2014!

It’s no secret that member communications can be challenging – from selecting the right medium for your many different members, to choosing the language that best speaks to each individual.  This article from CU Insight, Repurposing data for personalized, relevant member communications, does a great job in outlining these obstacles, as well as some ideas on how to overcome them.

These very challenges are why Synergent is offering a free opportunity to discover how to turn your member communications into results!  Credit unions must know how to leverage the wealth of information housed in their core processing databases to create highly targeted and effective campaigns – from e-marketing to direct mail.  Learn how!  Join us for a free webinar, Your Bottom Line is our Top Priority: Member Data & ROI, where you’ll see how Synergent Direct Marketing Services can help you unlock the power of your member data!

In this session, Doug MacDonald, AVP for Synergent Direct Marketing Services, will share how a targeted marketing approach can propel lending promotions, automated marketing, and new member onboarding to deepen relationships with members, retaining and creating additional value in engagement.   The webinar will be offered both on Thursday, November 21, at 3:00 p.m., and on Friday, November 22, at 9:30 a.m.  To join us, please contact Jean DeStefano, or visit our Learning Center, and see what other educational opportunities are available!