An Atmosphere of Engagement

Employee engagement does more than create a positive workplace, getting employees engaged in your products and services will help members do the the same!

At Synergent, we keep employees in the loop on organization happenings, from a weekly electronic publication, Communications…at Work, to quarterly meetings where employees hear departmental updates, and are able to ask any questions they might have, to ongoing education opportunities.

“Synergent engages employees through empowerment.  We value all employees and provide the resources necessary for personal and organizational growth; including educational development programs and continuous job training,” Marianne Sensale-Guerin, Assistant Vice President of Finance and Administration for Synergent, said. “Synergent knows that engaged employees are dedicated, committed and productive.  Our employees are the #1 reason we are a leader in the industry.”

In addition to fostering empowerment, there is a true feeling of community between employees, as well as with the credit unions we serve.

“Our company is great at supporting and engaging employees; whether it’s through the Employee Assistance Fund, the Super Bowl parties, the training with industry consultant Rick Olson, blood drives and much more.  All these things make people feel good about the company they work for,” Jane Thomas, Director of Education for the organization, explained. “A great example – one day this week, the entire company will wear pink to support a staff member undergoing surgery that day – it is just a phenomenal outreach by all of our employees to support one of our own who is in need of love and support.  That is what makes people like the company they work for; working together to make a difference in someone’s life!”