An “Automated” Message: Key to Member Connections?

The modes of technology people are using to connect with each other is a number that’s constantly increasing. The same, however, is not true for our time. This challenge is causing many to question and explore ways for marketers to keep up.  One answer? Automation.  Automation can be as simple as automating routine forms, or a more complex highly strategized targeted onboarding piece.

In addition to simplifying the process, Automated Marketing has the added bonus of helping marketers stay on budget. More than saving money, it can also save time, allowing you to concentrate on larger marketing projects.

Here at Synergent, we are discovering that this can be very effective in engaging younger members. Tim McAlpine, President and Creative Director of Currency Marketing, agrees, saying, “When we think about keeping the conversation going, this is where marketing automation can really come in. For example, it would be great to send out a series of emails or direct mail pieces that happen in regular intervals—a nice welcome within a week of opening the account, a message after 30 days talking about some of the key features, another message after 60 days offering a great rate on a car loan, and so on. Even a nice simple message with some sort of prize or perk on the anniversary of opening their account—the possibilities are endless. Again, be real and personalize the message with your members’ first names and a name of a branch manager or key contact. You can also automate and personalize messages on birthdays. This is a great opportunity to schedule a face-to-face meeting to discuss the transition to another account at the credit union and to also discuss things like planning for the future and products that your credit union has to help them achieve their hopes and dreams.”

This thinking reinforces the idea that “automated” doesn’t mean “generic”.   By adding a personal twist to a targeted message, automating marketing efforts can mean more connections, and better campaign results.