ATM Managed Services

We all say it: There are not enough hours in the day. But what if you could have more time added back to your workday? Does your credit union find it cumbersome to manage its ATM fleet, juggling multiple vendor contracts and maintenance?

Your credit union’s ubiquitous ATM terminals are more important than ever as people seek quick, accessible places to access their cash. ATMs bring high-visibility to your credit union, being sought after by both members and non-members on-the-go. Your branded ATMs are a digital extension of your team. Keeping them in top performing shape means ensuring software updates, equipment maintenance, fraud monitoring, compliance, security, and cash stocking are done.

What if you didn’t have to do it all, freeing your staff to focus on other day-to-day activities?

Let us take care of that. We are pleased to offer ATM Managed Services to our Fiserv EFT credit union users. This valuable service offers a cafeteria-styled solutions suite to outsource some or all of your credit union’s ATM fleet maintenance and management—whatever works for you!

What’s Included

The solution takes vendor management, fraud management, ATM equipment upgrades, ATM driving and monitoring, first- and second-line maintenance, armored car services, software upgrades, and ATM security/compliance off of your plate. You can retain as much or as little control of your ATM fleet as you feel comfortable with. We’re here to

“Credit unions who use the ATM Managed Services solution gain more time to spend on member-focused activities,” shared Karen Martin, Payments Product Owner for Synergent. “ATM management is detailed and complex. Our goal is to customize to meet the needs to the credit union and create the opportunity for a more time- and cost-effective solution.”

This is a flexible solution meant to be tailored to the needs of your credit union. Some basic services include:

  • ATM Driving
  • Reporting
  • Surcharge/Service Charge Support
  • 24-Hour Monitoring
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion
  • Second Line Maintenance
  • Software Distribution
  • ATM Electronic Journal (EJ) Delivery
  • Compliance Services, such as software maintenance (including ATM and Windows patching)

Beyond base services, Synergent also can provide the following additional services as needed:

  • Cash Delivery Service
  • First Line Maintenance
  • Deposit Collection and Delivery (Including Cash Pickup)
  • Anti-Skimming Services
  • ATM Decommissioning
  • Fiserv or Credit Union Owned ATM Financing

One Call Is All You Need to Make

Skip juggling numerous vendor relationships. Maintain as much oversight of your ATM fleet as you’d like—or outsource it all! Gain peace-of-mind in terms of compliance and security, knowing that your ATMs are up to date on fraud prevention according to industry standards. We’ve got you covered in terms of virus and malware protection, Windows software maintenance patches, point-to-point encryption, full EMV support, anti-skimming solutions, and mandated compliance reviews.

With improved efficiency, staff resources can be refocused. By receiving one, simple, consolidated monthly invoice, it is easy to budget for expenses and future expansion or upgrades.

Your ATM is a 24/7/365 opportunity to serve both members and non-members alike. Ensuring the best experience by maintain a top-performing ATM fleet elevates your brand and the connection users have to it.

Learn More

The ATM Managed Services solution is available to Synergent Fiserv EFT credit unions. To learn more about this product or about becoming a Synergent Payments client, please contact Account Executive Fred Barber at

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