Automated Email Marketing

Did you know 3,500 emails have been delivered to over 2 million members at 80+ credit unions through our email marketing platform (EMP)?

We all feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish tasks. But when it comes to email marketing, email automation is our superpower. Driving emails out of the core and into an email platform is complex. But with the Synergent Email Marketing Platform, you can reduce or eliminate errors, create 24/7 reliability, and automate personalized communications to create a strategic, yet thoughtful, member experience. The right members will get the right emails at the right time.

“We’ve been helping credit unions target messages for years with a variety of email types including, but not limited to, promotional, transactional, and e-newsletter marketing programs—no two campaigns are the same,” shared Doug MacDonald, Vice President of Synergent Marketing Services. “Automating the process saves busy credit union marketers so much time while providing them the opportunity to connect with the member strategically and thoughtfully, through 1:1 personalization, to strengthen the relationship.”

Email Marketing Platform (EMP)

The EMP offered through Synergent includes list management, online forms, collection campaigns, gathering opt-in emails, and list management automations. Credit unions can choose to have as much or as little assistance from our in-house, award winning creative team. An email designer can assist with strategy, creative, layout, headlines, and body copy.

Automating the process also means automating the member journey. The EMP allows credit unions to create personalized member journeys to yield more timely and engaging emails with segmentation to increase message relevancy. The platform fully complies with CAN-SPAM and includes comprehensive tracking and reporting.

Member Email Automation Application Programming Interface (API)

It’s tough to dig into the data. Are you spending too much time just trying to get to your data, let alone segmenting it for use in your data-driven marketing efforts? It is tough to access, manage, and data mine.

You need an integrated method to facilitate and support an automated marketing process with an end-to-end turnkey solution, giving you the ability to leverage core data directly and unlock the full power and potential of member data.

The Application Programming Interface (API) integrates automation directly from the core. This allows for the fastest-to-market turnkey solutions that get results. From strategy, to custom creativity, to analysis and reporting, driving the return on your marketing investment is our goal.

This easy-to-use API works behind-the-scenes, allowing credit unions to easily access and leverage member data through a frictionless automation tool that allows for variable data personalization to drive results. This product truly automates email marketing—from core to the digital member experience.

Whether your credit union accesses Symitar’s Episys® core processing solution through Synergent or elsewhere, uses another core processing solution altogether, or has predefined data sets that are independent of the core, our tools for email automation are designed to make the best use of the data you possess. By precisely targeting members, you will increase your marketing return on investment.

Core-triggered and member data-driven, Member Email Automation provides the desired blend of personalization and automation in leveraging your credit union’s most valuable asset directly—transaction-based emails to provide unique and memorable experiences for members of all types. There is no other core-driven solution that provides the control and flexibility over email automation to trigger and deliver digital member experiences via email or the web.

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Today’s members are seeking products and services, but they also expect a modern, intuitive digital experience. To get started, we invite you to download our Marketer’s Toolkit, Seamlessly Connecting Data to Email Marketing. Then, please contact us to request a demo of the EMP and API solutions today.

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