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We are pleased to share three updated Banno solutions that now are available. Banno Business is a digital banking interface designed for small-to-medium-sized businesses, though it can be scaled for businesses of all sizes. Banno Spanish is a feature that gives credit unions the ability to provide members with a digital banking experience in Spanish. Banno Video Chat and Screen Sharing are features available that give credit unions the ability to connect with members online face-to-face or share their screens to walk through processes step-by-step.

“Delivering solutions that credit unions need, that exceed their expectations, is always a top goal of ours,” shared Karen Martin, Assistant Vice President of Product Management for Synergent. “This trio of Banno solutions fits the bill, each filling unique niches that credit union members are seeking.”

Banno Business

Business members have unique needs when it comes to their digital banking. They need a platform that provides the right solutions that help them compete while providing a secure channel for business communication and payments to flow through.

Banno Business is a scalable digital banking interface that provides credit unions with valuable entitlements that allow them to support small-to-medium-sized businesses. These members often need to provide access to their business accounts to members of their business team—like accountants, office managers and business colleagues. With a retail Banno account, it’s not possible to grant and support access for the users in a hierarchy that allows for various authorization levels and centralized user management. Banno Business is a solution that is the right fit.

Key Benefits:

  • Convenience and Efficiency: Business members are empowered to provide user access and permissions without requiring a user be on the business account at the credit union. User management tools, permission capabilities, and authorization levels make it easy for business owners to manage account access.
  • Clean, Intuitive Interface: Members access a modern digital banking experience to manage their business.
  • Quick Personal Account Access: Toggling between business and personal accounts at the credit union is seamless.
  • Simple Communication: Banno Business provides quick access to Banno Conversations for Business for secure collaboration and communication.

Download the Banno Business Product Sheet

Banno Spanish

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the United States. There is a growing demand among Spanish-speaking members for mobile or online banking platforms written in Spanish. But the absence of this option in many financial institutions significantly impacts the digital banking experience for numerous members.

As a feature within the Banno Digital Banking Platform™, Banno Spanish gives credit unions the ability to provide members with a digital banking experience in Spanish.

Key Benefits:

  • Connect With Spanish-Speaking Members in a Personal Way: Credit unions who use Banno Spanish make it easy for members to receive financial services in their primary language.
  • Build Confidence and Trust: Providing a digital banking experience in Spanish helps members feel more comfortable and confident when interacting with their credit union’s digital banking services.
  • Retain and Recruit Members: Retain your loyal member base while recruiting new members who are interested in using Banno Spanish.
  • Exceed Member Expectations: Offer a sought-after service that is not available in all financial institutions.

Download the Banno Spanish Product Sheet

Banno Video Chat and Screen Sharing

Branch traffic may be less than it once was, but some conversations are still best had face-to-face. Whether for work or to connect with friends and family, members are increasingly accustomed to using video meeting tools and need similar options to use to connect with their financial institutions.

Credit unions who use the Banno Digital Banking Platform™ have access to functionality that enables them to have in-depth conversations using video chat and screen sharing. Clearly communicate about more complex inquiries by having a one-on-one or multi-user conversation on-screen or share screens to walk through processes when needed.

Key Benefits:

  • Convenience: Members can have face-to-face, interactive conversations with your credit union anytime, anywhere.
  • Preferred Channel: Members have embraced digital banking and prefer to manage their banking remotely. By providing Video Chat and Screen Sharing, they are able to conduct even more of their banking online.
  • Intuitive Features: Seamless integration with Banno Conversations™ and use of familiar video call features make Video Chat and Screen Sharing simple for members to use from the start.
  • Safe and Secure: Members must authenticate to log in and all video chat communications are encrypted and secure. Data and history about calls are noted within Banno Conversation and other details, such as how long each call lasted, are stored in Banno People™.

Download the Banno Video Chat and Screen Sharing Product Sheet

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