Better Service: A Resolution Worth Keeping!

As the very first month of 2014 approaches its end, the same may be true to resolutions that had been optimistically set just a few short weeks ago.  And while some resolutions from credit union professionals can verge on the humorous, some Synergent staff members took a more reflective look at how they hope to serve credit unions in 2014:

Mike Caruso

AVP for Corporate Information Systems

  • From a CIS perspective, we are rolling out technologies to enable a more mobile workforce with tools that can enable better efficiency in serving credit unions.
  • We have also created a resilient data center architecture, which can recover more quickly in the event of a disaster.

Sally Witham

Data Mining Specialist

  • Encourage credit unions to take advantage of our latest data mining offering:  custom, one-on-one consulting.  The credit union decides what will be on the agenda, and I help guide them to achieve their goal. 
  • Continue to offer helpful ‘how to’ topics with our fast fact webinars. 
  • Stay up to date on current credit union reporting needs in order to provide the most beneficial training sessions.

Erica Vachon

Direct Marketing Service Representative

  • Help credit unions leverage existing content and brand
  • Repeat successful creative/campaigns
  • Bring a focus to email marketing
  • Analyze/dissect previous year’s campaign performance, make adjustments
  • Continue to refine data/targets

Whatever your resolutions may be (or were as the case may be), we hope your 2014 is off to a spectacular start!