Campaign for Ending Hunger $100,000 Challenge Exceeds Goal

The results are in! The Maine Credit Unions’ Campaign for Ending Hunger raised an incredible $121,036 as part of its 30-day, $100,000 Challenge fundraiser. Synergent is proud to have once again been a sponsor of the Challenge as part of our signature social responsibility initiative. This is the third year of the Challenge, which benefits Good Shepherd Food Bank and community food pantries in our home state of Maine.

“To coincide with National Hunger Awareness Month, Maine credit unions encouraged their members, local businesses, and others in their communities to make a donation to feed a hungry neighbor in need,” shared Todd Mason, President/CEO of the Maine Credit Union League and Synergent. “And once again, Mainers stepped up to the challenge. We exceeded our fundraising goal and raised more dollars during this year’s Challenge than we did in 2021! I’m grateful for the outpouring of support for this important initiative and would like to thank everyone who made a contribution.”

Community Supported Fundraising

The $100,000 Challenge kicked off on June 1 and ended on June 30. Donations were accepted online and in credit union branches throughout the month. Seventy-five percent of the funds raised by Maine credit unions online or at local branches will be used to support food pantries and meal sites. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds raised online will benefit Good Shepherd Food Bank.

“Maine people never shy away from helping others in need, so while I’m thrilled with the fundraising results, I’m honestly not surprised we reached our goal to raise $100,000 in 30 days,” said Cheryl Lancaster, Chief Strategy Officer at the Maine Credit Union League and Synergent. “Hunger is a significant problem in our state, but if Mainers continue to come together through efforts like these, I’m hopeful we will eradicate hunger in the future. In the meantime, Maine credit unions will do their part to increase access to healthy and nutritious meals for people of all ages, in all corners of the state.”

A complete list of contributors to the $100,000 Ending Hunger Challenge can be found online at the Campaign’s website at Contributions to the Campaign for Ending Hunger can be made online throughout the year and in select credit union branches. You do not need to be a member of a Maine credit union to make a donation.

Since 1990, the Maine Credit Unions’ Campaign for Ending Hunger has raised over $11.3 million, including over $930,000 in food and cash contributions in 2021.