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Getting Creative with Interactive Digital Publications

At a time when many credit union lobbies are closed, it never has been more important to connect with members through personal communication. Using innovative digital tools, your credit union can provide a digital and interactive experience to its members, even from a distance. Get their attention by sharing valuable, timely content within modern interactive… Read more »

SWBC Payments Helps Members Transact Remotely

Credit unions and their members have had to adjust to a new normal. With the majority of branch lobbies closed due to social distancing, remote solutions are being sought and used as a necessity to continue completing transactions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Is your credit union able to process card or ACH payments quickly and… Read more »

Meeting Members Where They Are: Digital Banking

At a time when “social distancing” has become the norm and many credit union lobbies across the country have had to close for the time being, the ability to provide remote access to credit union products and services has never been more important. More and more members have embraced using digital banking to conduct transactions… Read more »

SWBC Payments

Credit unions continue to grow in the indirect lending market, but despite how straightforward accepting payments may sound, this comes with operational challenges as to how these loans are serviced to best meet member needs. Specifically, how can card or ACH payments quickly and efficiently be processed? Members are used to fast, easy, card-based transactions…. Read more »

Contactless Cards

Remember the clunky, manual carbon copy credit card machines? We’ve come a long way, and payments continue to grow, shift, and evolve. Swiping a mag strip was customary for many years, then “chip and dip” came along for chip cards. The next evolution is here: contactless cards. No swiping, no dipping—just tap and go! The Pros… Read more »

Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union Renews Agreement with Synergent for Symitar Episys Core Processing

Synergent is pleased to announce that Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union has signed a new seven-year outsourcing agreement with Synergent to provide Symitar® Episys® core processing. Bayer Heritage FCU, headquartered in Proctor, West Virginia, serves over 36,000 members. The credit union has an asset size over $500 million. “We are proud to have Bayer Heritage… Read more »

New Marketing Services Portfolio

Mailboxes and inboxes have never been as full as they are today. How do you ensure your message doesn’t get lost in junk mail and resonates with your members? By producing eye-catching campaigns that stand out and communicate relevant offers to the right members at the right time. The Marketing Services team has released a… Read more »

Protecting Your Personal Information is Our Top Priority

As your trusted managed services provider, Synergent is always working to make sure your member data remains safe and secure. We invest significant amounts of time, money, and resources identifying and leveraging the best fintech available to protect member data and prevent fraud. Sometimes members can be impacted by breaches at other companies. Last week,… Read more »

Digital Banking: Meeting Members Where They Are

Consider how we tend to characterize common tasks. We grab our phones. We read the news. We scan social media. We don’t say “digital phone,” “digital news,” or “digital social media.” So why do we refer to digital banking with the term “digital,” when really, it’s just banking? We live in the digital era. But… Read more »

Gearing Up for the Connect User Conference

Synergent is a managed services provider like no other. Not only are we one-stop for credit unions to obtain necessary services, including marketing, digital banking, programming, business intelligence, and core processing, credit unions who partner with Synergent truly become part of a community. Once a year, the whole community is invited to Maine for the… Read more »