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Webinar Coverage: Episys Enhancements in Action

In January 16’s webinar, Episys 2013.01 Release Enhancements, Aimee Doherty, Implementation & Training Analyst for Synergent (pictured left), shared how these new enhancements mean additional functionality to the Episys core.  “The additions to the system creates new efficiencies, updates to ever changing regulations, and the introduction to new functionality that will be coming in a… Read more »

Are You Ready to Take on the New Mobile Banking Trends in 2014?

When credit unions were first established, phrases like online banking, mobile banking, mobile remote deposit capture, and Person-2-Person (P2P) would have sounded crazy. In fact, that talk may have gotten you laughed out of a room, but today, if you are lacking these product offerings, you won’t even register on the minds of Gen Yers… Read more »

In The Wake of a Breach, Keep the Conversation Going

As news of the Target security breach is losing steam, what has opened is a window of opportunity to communicate with members.  In addition to reinforcing that your credit union is a safe, secure, and technologically advanced place for their money, it is also a great time to share tips on how they can keep… Read more »

Personal Finance Through the Ages

There will be numerous articles about how to budget in the new year and resolutions to improve saving and spending in the next couple of weeks. However, if your members can’t see the whole financial picture, accomplishing those resolutions can be difficult. Synergent is now producing product engagement videos to help our credit union users… Read more »

A Newsworthy Resolution

As you wrap up 2013 and look to the coming year, there is one marketing opportunity that should not be overlooked – your newsletter!  Newsletters can do much more than accompany your quarterly statements. A successful newsletter can be a direct link to your members. Newsletters help members stay connected and engaged with your credit… Read more »

Member Retention: Another Shared Branching Success Story!

Often when touting the benefits of Shared Branching, the first word that comes to mind is convenience.  However, there is another powerful benefit of Shared Branching that is worth celebrating – member retention.  With the average cost of acquiring of a new member estimated to be $471, onboarding and retaining members is key to keeping… Read more »

A Calm in the Compliance Storm

 As credit unions plan for the year ahead, there is certainly no shortage of compliance issues to deal with.  There have been over 170 new regulations since 2008, making it no surprise that the 2013-14 CUNA Environmental Scan puts the compliance burden in the top ten of strategic planning topics for 2014. While compliance challenges… Read more »

The Superpowers of Shared Branching

The convenience that the cooperation that is Shared Branching provides is something members experience on a local scale every day. From avoiding the need to head across town to pay a loan, to a college student getting a much needed influx of cash from a parent’s deposit across the state, there are many ways that… Read more »

Podcast Wrap-up: Ted Bilke on the CU Core Shuffle

The shared focus on bringing the best, most efficient solutions to credit unions is one of the many reasons Synergent is proud to partner with Symitar to bring the Episys core processing solution to our credit union users. Recently, Symitar President Ted Bilke sat down for a CUbroadcast Podcast on why many credit unions are… Read more »

Marketing Summit Strategies: Discover the Upside of Data!

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, The Corporate Downsides of Big Data, a featured poll shared that most companies are starting to take “the plunge” into analyzing their data.  Here are the reasons why businesses are taking the leap.   Enhancing customer experience Processing efficiency Development of new products or business models More targeted… Read more »