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Tis the season: Credit card income

Now is the perfect time to boost year-end goals and increase credit card income with targeted direct marketing campaigns. Synergent ia helping credit unions exceed goals by leveraging member data to identify members and prospects looking for credit products like debt consolidation, balance transfers, and new cards. Preview seasonal creative strategies for the coming season… Read more »

Autos will top CU loan growth opportunities in 2015

Articles today in the credit union trade publications provide good news for marketers! Auto lending is still strong, along with home equity loans, for the start of 2015. It is a good time to look at your first quarter marketing plans. According to CUNA News Now, “low auto-loan delinquency rates and high demand for new and used… Read more »

Members Prepare for Omni-Channel Shopping

Synergent is focused on offering and delivering the best solutions for credit unions to connect with their members. From mobile to online bill payment and shared branching to smart card payment options, credit unions connect more members with a variety of tools to shop. Below is a snapshot of a recent article published on CUInsight, titled, 2014 Holiday Season… Read more »

Episys Training that’s Right for Your Credit Union

Having a staff that is confident when maneuvering Episys is important to achieve great member relations and maintain efficiency. At Synergent, we provide webinars and hands-on training to boost staff’s knowledge when it comes to utilizing Episys accurately and effectively. “Our sessions are succinct and to the point.  Credit unions can be assured that we’ll… Read more »

Using Core Systems to Enable Superior Financial Performance

Some industry observers believe that credit unions that are embarking on core banking journeys must make revenue generation a central part of their business case. Where would the revenue uplift come from? Unlike many core processing vendors, Synergent is first and foremost a service organization. Thus, instead of marketing “our solution,” our focus is on… Read more »

Improve Competitiveness with Core

“Technology changes so fast now that members benefit when their credit union decides to share this work with experts, so they can concentrate more fully on their needs,” said Richard Dupuis, CEO at Five County Credit Union in Bath, Maine. Up-to-date technology is a major competitive selling point. “Partnering with a service provider allows us… Read more »

All aboard with Onboarding

With International Credit Union Week just around the corner, creating deeper, valuable relationships is what is on track for most credit unions. Onboarding is one way to accomplish that, as it has become one of the most effective and systematic ways of reaching out to new members. There has never been a better time to… Read more »

Help Your Members Back-to-School Shop

Across the nation, credit union members are gearing up for back-to-school shopping. Whether they are preparing for kindergarten or college, your credit union can help your members make the back-to-school frenzy feel like a breeze. To help your members through this time of big spending, Synergent has produced a series of videos showcasing credit union… Read more »

Young Members Seek Tech Savvy Financial Institutions

Recently CUNA posted an article siting a presentation by the World Council of Credit Unions President/CEO Brian Branch where he spoke to the importance of young members, and what needs to be done to retain them. Branch pointed out that young adults have many financial services options available to them, stating, “Convenience will be king.”… Read more »

Mobile Banking Creates New Opportunity with Members

In a recent article written by Jim Marous, Mobile Banking as a sales opportunity is explained as a marketing avenue that financial institutions can pursue to a much larger extent than they are currently. Don’t leave your mobile banking platform an untapped channel for credit union growth, utilize all of the data available and create… Read more »