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Partnership with HRCU Captured in New Case Study

Blogs often point out thought leadership or a good story. Here is one, which includes both, from Synergent staff. We would like to share our new case study that captures the partnership between HRCU (formerly Holy Rosary Credit Union) and Synergent: For more than a year, Synergent and HRCU have been partners in member satisfaction…. Read more »

HELOCs: A Comeback Story

This summer, it’s time to bring back a term not recently heard for a while (other than, for our New England neighbors, warmth).  We are talking about the HELOC, which the demand for has been making a comeback, after being quieted by the Great Recession of 2008.  With the stabilization of the real-estate market and… Read more »

Inspiration Through Innovation & Community

As many credit unions know, it takes innovation to be seen. Recently, the first ever Google+ Hangout Staged at the House of Blues in New Orleans, hosted by CO-OP, a Shared Branching partner of Synergent, took place as part of CO-OP’s THINK 14 conference. This social media hangout featured Daria Musk, a self-made Google+ sensation… Read more »

Tech Still Tops CU Priorities

With the many cogs needed to keep the credit union machine running, technology is increasingly the focus when it comes to engineering CU operations.  According to a recent CUNA Strategic Services Technology Survey, technology is the second-biggest budget item for credit unions, just after employee salaries. The survey also provided evidence why outsourcing information technology… Read more »

Top Tech Trends Impacting CUs

Synergent staff members Nick Chasse and Fred Barber recently connected with credit union leaders from throughout the northeast at the Great New England Credit Union Show in Boxborough, MA. Nick and Fred also had the opportunity to share insight on the latest technology advancements, with the presentation, Top Technology Trends: The Latest Technology Impacting Credit… Read more »

Automation: Time to Relook

Remember that marketing plan you wrote in December? It’s filled with great ideas, marketing strategy, objectives and tactics. How much has been executed? How many campaigns could have been automated? In a world of ‘get more done,’ many industries are investing in marketing automation to better target their campaigns, analyze the effectiveness of their effort and calculate ROI… Read more »

Mobile Banking: Getting More Likes from CUs and Members Alike

There’s good news for credit unions on the mobile banking front, as CUNA cites recent research from GOBankingRates that indicates that credit unions are on par with banks when it comes to meeting members’ increasing demands for mobile banking. And, if some financial institutions are hesitant about joining the mobile movement, it should be noted… Read more »

Mobile Banking – On Its Way to the New Banking Standard?

While just a few years ago, ones’ newly minted cell phone would not be associated with financial transactions of any kind, today, the two appear to have developed a happy and long-term relationship!  This “marriage” was recently explored in the article from the New York Credit Union Association, If You’re Not Mobile, You’re Not Banking. … Read more »

From In to Out: News driving core processing to outsourcing

The news of credit unions making the switch to outsourcing for core processing has been getting increased attention. And, in a recent article published by Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. about the migration of credit unions to outsourcing core processing workload to a service bureau, there are key factors that a credit union must consider… Read more »

Collaboration: Building the Blueprint for Success

Through the power of collaboration, Synergent provides credit unions with the tools they need to map out their success– all under one roof. In a recent meeting with one of our credit union partners, HRCU, who converted to the Episys Core Processing, as well as several other Synergent services nine months ago, we held a… Read more »