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Should You Outsource Your Core Processing?

Guest post by Ted Bilke, President, Symitar Outsourcing has long played a valuable role in many credit unions’ IT strategies. Today, many forces are driving credit unions to consider outsourcing—and the benefits they can gain from a successful provider partnership are greater than ever. Outsourcing can eliminate both capital expenditures required for in-house installations and… Read more »

Spotlight on Service: The Truth is in the Rankings!

The unbeatable level of credit union service is nothing new to members, so we were not surprised that a new survey confirmed this important fact!  In a recent article by CUNA, it was reported that in a new Temkin Ratings survey, credit unions are the only financial institutions that made it into the top 20… Read more »

An Atmosphere of Engagement: Part 2

Just as we are excited about engaging with our fellow Synergent staff members, we are also excited to work with organizations that truly excel at creating an active and engaging environment for their employees – credit unions!  A great example of this can be seen at one of our credit union partners, Town & Country… Read more »

An Atmosphere of Engagement

Employee engagement does more than create a positive workplace, getting employees engaged in your products and services will help members do the the same! At Synergent, we keep employees in the loop on organization happenings, from a weekly electronic publication, Communications…at Work, to quarterly meetings where employees hear departmental updates, and are able to ask… Read more »

Branching…away from the branch?

In the credit union world, including here at Synergent, new technology is more than celebrated, it is something that our staff is extremely passionate about, as we strive to bring the latest products to credit unions.   All of this new technology – from mobile banking to remote deposit capture – certainly increases convenience, while decreasing… Read more »

Beyond the Trend: the Mobile Movement

In a recent look at top CU trends, mobile was a more than common theme.  However, it is important to understand that movement towards all things mobile is far more than a trend, but a true transition to how people choose to communicate, conduct business and live their lives.  Further evidence that “mobile” has a… Read more »

Top Trends: Brought to You by the Letter M

In looking at this colorful infographic provided by CUNA, it is clear that for 2013 to 2014, trends appear begin with the letter M.  The first M is Mobile.  It should not be surprising that the first three trends listed involve mobile services, from payments, which is now growing by 68% annually, to Mobile Banking,… Read more »

Behind the Curtain: The Ahs of a Service Bureau

Look behind the curtain, and uncover the efficiencies, convenience and innovations that you may not have known about credit union service bureaus.  Outsourcing allows credit unions to focus fully on member service, recruitment, retention and satisfaction. Rather than becoming bogged-down in the high-tech lingo and hassles that can come with running an in-house shop, credit unions that partner with Synergent can… Read more »

When it Comes to Uniting, Credit Unions Never Take a Holiday

While many are looking forward to barbeques, planning for fireworks, or hoping for perfect beach weather as the 4th of July approaches, credit unions have been focused on coming together to ensure the continued strength of the Credit Union Movement. As credit unions fight to retain their tax exempt status, the new website established by… Read more »

Branding and Business Development: It’s more than donuts and coffee

Credit union branding has changed and evolved over the years; having an ad in the phonebook and putting donuts out in a business’ lobby is no longer an effective way to promote your credit union’s brand and attract members.   Blogger and industry speaker Mark Arnold shows that it is more than just the Marketing Department’s… Read more »