Collaboration: Building the Blueprint for Success

Through the power of collaboration, Synergent provides credit unions with the tools they need to map out their success– all under one roof.

In a recent meeting with one of our credit union partners, HRCU, who converted to the Episys Core Processing, as well as several other Synergent services nine months ago, we held a roundtable discussion on what true collaboration means to the credit union, its members, and its relationship with Synergent. Here are some of the highlights of what the credit union’s senior management staff had to say, that truly reflects the power and importance of working together.

  • When looking for a core processing provider, we wanted a cheerleader.  This is just what we got – a good working relationship where we all work together to make it happen.
  • We are a credit union for a reason.  Synergent has the credit union mentality.  This makes the relationship more than simply a business partnership.  We share a common goal, and you want us to succeed.
  • Communication is open and accessible – trying to reach someone is never like trying to play the telephone game
  • Collaboration doesn’t end after conversion – you don’t forget about us and are always there to answer any questions
  • This collaboration truly results in improved member service – we can now focus in interacting with members even more.


This last observation illustrates the power of collaboration – better member service.   It is through this shared mission that truly lays the groundwork for success through the conversion process and beyond.