How To Communicate With Members About Your Digital Offerings

Mobile banking. Person-to-person (P2P) payments. Personal financial management (PFM) tools. Online membership and loan applications. EMV. Bill payment. E-statements. Internet banking. Core processing changes. Credit unions are delivering so many products today digitally. In fact, many of the products themselves ARE digital or technology-oriented.

The problem for credit unions, however, is that not all of our members are digital or technology savvy. And even for those members who understand and get the digital channel, the challenge is that we have to communicate sometimes complex operational issues in an easy method. So how do you communicate with members about your digital offerings?

Here are four key components to implement:

  • Make it clear—Digital and technology issues tend to be operational. And operations can sometimes be complex. But when you confuse your members, you lose. Rather than communicate the nitty-gritty details, focus on the simple.
  • Keep it brief—When it comes to your copy on digital issues, remember to cut, cut and cut some more. The less you say, the better. One bonus tip is to use bullet points in your e-mail messages, your direct mail pieces, and any other communication mediums. Remember to keep your marketing messages “scannable” because consumers are not reading: they are skimming.
  • Use video—While people are not necessarily reading, they are watching video. And one great place to use video is to demonstrate the new technology on your website in the form of short videos. For example, walk them through how to setup bill payment or any changes to your mobile app. As with the written word, keep these videos short (as in two minutes or less).
  • Combine online and offline—Although digital efforts by their very definition involve technology don’t just use online tools only. If you are undergoing a core conversion or updates that will impact members’ accounts and how they use certain tools (like home banking) make sure you have in-branch or retail communication tools in place. This would also include training your staff with a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document so they can easily answer member questions.

Offering your members digital or technology products is not enough. You have to actually get them to use those services. And, the best way to increase adoption of those services is to make your communication clear, keep it brief, use video and combine online with offline tools. Synergent offers customized marketing tools to support your digital products — articles for your newsletters to full campaigns to increase product penetration.

Guest blogger: Mark Arnold, CCUE, is an acclaimed speaker, brand expert and strategic planner. He is also founder of On the Mark Strategies, a consulting firm specializing in branding and strategic planning. His web address and blog is