CUbroadcast Interviews President/CEO Todd Mason

“The world is way too complex to do it alone, and nowhere is that truer than in technology. When you think about mobile banking, home banking, digital banking, payments and all the things that go into that, that’s compliance, that’s marketing, that’s technology, that’s security, that’s all of those elements that come into play. It’s not any one thing that makes it work – it’s all of those things coming together. Synergent, in many ways, we bring all of those things together. As much as we can, we take very, very complex things and create an easy button out of them.” -Todd Mason, President/CEO of Synergent

In an interview with Mike Lawson of CUbroadcast, Synergent’s President/CEO Todd Mason shared his experience at Synergent since he joined the company this past April, discussed data mining and other trends, and provided a sneak peek of the Synergent Technology Workshop themed “The Power of Partnership” that will be held on September 29.